The Zoom Whitening System is an innovative tooth whitening system that is safe and delivers immediate results. It can leave your teeth six to ten shades whiter.
With the advancement of Zoom Whitening System, dealing with the side effects of zoom bleaching is no longer necessary. The new and improved Zoom Whitening System, with the addition of the fluoride treatment and other customizable shields, gives excellent results with minimum sensitivity.

The Zoom whitening System is for people who don’t want to be bothered with wearing trays for days to whiten their teeth. This system gives you dramatically whiter teeth in just over an hour. When compared to the usual trays, zoom bleaching is simple, faster, safe and more effective.

In office teeth whitening systems are safer and provide results that can last for years. A study published in the journal of ADA confirms this. The results also showed that in- office whitening system left no structural damage. It did not have any negative effects on fillings and did not soften the tooth enamel.

With Zoom Whitening, you get a system that is fast, effective, comfortable and very safe. So are you ready for a whiter and brighter smile?

Also Offering Glo!

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DeviceSet-webTo read more about Glo check out their website http://www.gloscience.com

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